Venue Bookings

We have great relationships with some of Brisbanes best bars and pubs. This allows us access to connect our customers with some deals and packages they would never had the chance to get. We talk to the venues and find out for you where the best place is for cheap drinks, drink packages, booking a private area or just having access to free entry for your guest list in one of your favourite clubs/pubs. 

Booking a venue through us comes to no commission but we offer packages that go hand in hand in making an epic night out. 

Our packages include event photography, a montage video and 1 x Customised T-Shirt. We will also bring drinks to your table so there is no waiting in lines and we can arrange games and activities to be played at the venue this includes tables for beer pong, flip cup, kings cup and any other fun drinking games you love. 

Venue enquiries

We do the boring emails and confirmations. All the communications filtered out so you just get the information needed.

Big Ideas Affordable Prices

The more people the cheaper it is. We love to party so the bigger your ideas the cheaper it will be.
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Your Ideas To Life

We will listen to your plans, no matter how crazy they are and make them happen. Sombrero night to hawaiian shirt themes. You tell us, we deliver

Create Memories

We want to create unforgettable nights with friends, family or collegues. It's our passion to capture a moment in life that will last forever.

Pick a party plan that best fits your interests and ideas. All parties offer a chaperone and 1x personalised T – shirt

Pub Crawl

Four Venues

Four Drinks

Drinking games

party Chaperone

Photography and montage vid

Venue booking

Discount drinks

party chaperone

Photography and montage vid

Party round

Catering (extra cost)

party bus pub crawl

Pub Crawl

Party Bus pick up/drop off

Free party bus Drinks

Drinking games

Party chaperone

Hens, Bucks and Hucks Nights

Got a wedding coming up in Brisbane? How about getting the ladies or blokes around for a Pub Crawl? Wine Tour?  Beer Walk? What if you just want to book a VIP room and want someone to do all the organizing and preparation so you can just party.  

Chad St James (Left) Darcy Raftos (right)

Work Christmas Parties

Excited for the end of another great year or keen to put this year to an end? How about having an awesome Christmas party to finish off another cycle around the sun. We will give you a package that is exclusive and can offer you services of pub crawls, venue bookings and even catering. Make this years work Christmas party a night to remember but never speak about again.

Chad St James (Left) Darcy Raftos (right)

Birthday Parties

Lets say you have a birthday coming up and you want to celebrate out with your friends. But they don’t like clubbing and you don’t want everyone spending money they don’t have. We can get you exclusive deals and cheap drinks, lock you in for an epic night and organize everything for you. Our parties include photography, games and great Brisbane Bars.

Chad St James (Left) Darcy Raftos (right)
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