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What is the art of a Good Pub Crawl?

You’ve landed here because you are interested in running a really fun event; hosting a fun party; doing a pub crawl or just generally curious about drinking games because you have never really been at a party that has them. Or you’re just perusing the site deciding on whether to go to the Pub Crawl (make it easy for you- Tickets here!)  So you want to know about drinking games, lets start with the classic; Beer Pong- An age old game to challenge your hand eye coordination under the influence. Then we have the card games; Kings Cup being one the many awesome games of memory, skill, focus and an iron gut. We also have games that you can play anywhere like; Most Likely: “whose most likely to paint the doors of the uber on the way home tonight?” or “whose most likely to not remember what happened tonight?” make these statements and who ever is voted most likely has to drink up. 

There’s a drinking game for every scenario. Just be sensible and know your tolerance because alcohol is a dangerous thing to be playing with. But it’s a lot of fun when you can be mature about it. Below we have a list of popular activities run at our pub crawls

Beer Pong

Whose the best shot? This game can be played at many of our venues. set your cups on both sides of the table in a pyramid  First team to sink the ball in all cups wins. Great game for getting the party started or challenging your under the influence hand-eye coordination.  


We all know karaoke, sing your guts out and set your friends up with Madonna or ABBA because we all know deep down. they loves it just ‘like a virgin’

Boat Races

Everyone lines up in two teams. You have your drinks in front of you. First person from each team starts to chug, soon as they can put the glass/cup upside down on their head the next person can go. First team to finish all their drinks wins a round from the losing team. [its the rule]

Ideas for Drinking games

The ultimate guide to party drinking games and fun activities for a good night out

Card games

For these drinking games it's recommended to have a pack of cards. Of course these days everything can be done by an app. But technology isn't always your best friend when you've been drinking.

At the bar

These are simple to play games that you can do at a bar. Drinking games don't have to be just at home. Here is a list of great games you can play at the bar or anywhere you like.

Red Cups

For these drinking games you will need red cups and some kind of hand eye coordination when playing them drunk. Lets be honest some people are actually better are aiming when under the influence. Its not fair.


This is for those people who haven't got any red cups, cards, or anything to play with but are still to add some fun in their party and love a good cheeky drinking game.

DIY Party

These are drinking games with ordinary objects you might find at home. Drinking can be fun and theirs a million ways to do it with some friends and something as random as a pizza box can make for an exciting game.

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