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Brisbane’s Best Pubs For a First Date

Brisbane's best pubs for a first date

The Tinder/Hinge game is strong, your profiles have been popping off, you’ve secured yourself an obscenely hot date and you’re desperately searching to find Brisbane’s best pubs for a first date. Whether you’re yelling “get out of my head!” – or manifesting a little more excitement in the love life department, it pays to be a lady or man with a plan when first dates come rolling around.

After all, much like every consoling mother or rom com has ever reminded us… “it’ll happen when you least suspect it”. 😉 Having a soft plan (or two) to suggest in the date planning process should impress your date (if the plans are in fact any good) and in any case, should ease your nerves around the process.

So, rather than organising a painstakingly awkward formal dinner, an arranged time to sit in silence at the movies, or a long drive that ends in coming on far too strong at the local lookout – rest easy knowing we’ve created a list (based on our own most successful dating experiences) of Brisbane’s best pubs for your first date.

Call on it any time you need.

  1. Felons Brewing Co

Dress code, location, vibes and variety – are just a few of the things that have landed Felon’s Brewing Co at #1 on our list of Brisbane’s best pubs for a first date.

If you are anything like us, choosing an outfit for a first date is literally the bain of your existence.  Particularly, if you feel like you have to wear something you’re not 100% comfortable in to meet a venue’s dress codes. Thanks to Felon’s smart casual dress code you can put a little extra effort into your appearance (without looking overdressed), while still repping the majority of the clothes you’d usually wear and feel comfy in. e.g. jeans and a T-shirt.

For our friends who are paranoid of being people watched (*cough* us too) this central, utterly huge riverside venue, is the perfect place to disappear into the crowd. With that many people enjoying the bevies and brews here every weekend, the vibes at Felon’s are always good and undeniably contagious.

Settle down at one of literally hundreds of riverside tables and enjoy an enormous variety of gourmet share plates, freshly brewed beers, wines and spirits to match.

2. Archive Beer Boutique

Pondering and sipping on the epic selection of local and imported craft beers at Archive is sure to preoccupy and ease the mind as you wait for your date to arrive. Outside of its reputation as one of Brisbane’s best pubs for beer lovers, Archive’s week-round entertainment offerings and outdoor beer garden, are what have landed it at number two on our list.

As all the comfortably singles well know by now, Saturdays are reserved for the girls/boys. Instead of forgoing an epic weekend of partying with friends, schedule your date around some weeknight entertainment at Archive. Whether you and your date fancy steady conversation over some live music, a game of free pool, trivia or even pinball, weeknights at Archive have got you covered.

Final note: Skip the antisocial and interruptive trips to smokers – Archives outdoor beer garden doubles as a smoking area, for our friends who can’t go without. Rest assured, there’s plenty of entertainment in late-night people-watching in the beer garden too.

3. Slipstream Brewery 

Show a little courtesy to your date living on the south side of town, by taking them to visit slipstream’s awesome bar and kitchen (if they’re not already a regular already!). Slipstream has made it to number three on our list of Brisbane’s best pubs for a first date, on account of it being the ultimate pick to impress a beer connoisseur or foody.

If you’re a little paranoid of awkward convo pauses, taking your beer-obsessed date to a venue that boasts 20 brews on tap where you can LITERALLY sit and watch the beer be brewed, should have them rambling about their passion till the cows come home.

If your conversations thus far have led you to suspect the way to your date’s heart might be through their stomach, we can’t recommend a gourmet pub feed from slipstreams full inhouse kitchen enough. Don’t fret about the pressure of having a sit-down meal either, the dining area is busy, super comfy and relaxed. On that note, don’t forget to book a table to secure your spot!

4. Blutes Karaoke 

Take your date with the mullet and mo to a place they should feel right at home. Boasting 14 beer taps, Blutes 80s Australiana-inspired pub is the perfect place to try limited-edition beers from a rotating selection of some of the city’s finest breweries. Don’t stress if beer isn’t your speed, there’s great wine and cocktails too!

As the name suggests, the beverages at Blutes (as great as they are), are not the reason they’ve been hailed number four on our list of Brisbane’s best pubs. Rather, it’s their karaoke (from 7 pm onwards Wednesday through to Sunday) that provides the ultimate entertainment/test for the evening.

If you’re a fun person, looking for a bit of fun too – seeing if your date will get up on stage at Blutes and put on a show is the perfect test to see if they’ll be right for you.

5. Fat Louie’s 

We’ve all got that one friend that insists on setting us up with another “awesome friend” of theirs. If you’re crazy enough to let it happen, make sure it’s while doing something that’s your idea of fun (in the case said friend turns out to be a total dud).

Located in the heart of Brisbane’s CBD, Fat Louie’s abundance of nighttime entertainment make it Brisbane’s best pub for a double date. Whether you wanna sing the night away in a Tokyo-style private karaoke room, play pool or snooker, shake it to a DJ, or bop to a live band – Fat Louie’s has got it all going on for you. All you have to do is insist cupid shout the evening and rock up.

6. B Lucky and Sons 

Coming in at number six (on account of the fact it wouldn’t traditionally be considered a pub), B Lucky and Sons’ marvellous arcade bar is quite possibly the most fun first date venue we’ve ever attended. We couldn’t help but add it in… sorry not sorry.

As lame as it sounds, there is no better way to effortlessly bond than over a shared activity. Pick up a game card and a cheeky beverage from the bar and get ready to see your date’s secret competitive side. Laugh, drink and chat while versing each other in Space Invaders, Dance Dance Revolution, Mario Kart and more!

Finish the night strong! Trade in the tickets you’ve won and collect a sweet little memento for your date from B lucky’s prize parlour. Some of the major prizes up for grabs are a google home or a vintage Chanel bag. We could use both tbh.

7. Saville Row

Forget Brisbane’s best pubs, this venue is sexy. There we said it. Prepare for the mood to change as you and your date slip behind the secret orange door of this five-level central London-inspired bar. With black curtains shielding it from the outside world, chandeliers, lamps, and candles emanate warm dim lighting into this venue’s every secret nook and cranny.

Be escorted through this maze of wood and leather, lined with stunning artworks and breathtaking finishes that ooze sophistication and class to a moody and intimate leather booth seat. Enjoy a cocktail from Saville’s complex, highly curated seasonal menu, or entrust their well-versed team to concoct the exact flavour you’re craving from their selection of a thousand bottles of spirits.

Chat and follow your instincts, in a venue vibrating with hushed chatter and funky beats. Lose yourselves in the feeling that no eyes are on you.

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