Find out more about us

Find out more about us

Our story

The Pub Statement was started because there were no regular pub crawls in Brisbane but Brisbane has the perfect atmosphere for them. That’s why I began my journey working with venue managers of some of Brisbane’s best bars to get special deals to kick start The Pub Statement.

We ran our first pub crawl in October 12th 2019 with over 70 guests and over four venues Rics, Blutes, RGs and Marquee we had a huge positive response. From then on hosted a further three events including our biggest one yet with nearly 150 guests at our Hawaiian shirts pub crawl.

We want to be the best pub crawl in Brisbane and the hub for your pub crawl experiences. Working with venues and sponsors we hope to give you one of the best night life experiences in Brisbane.

Darcy – Owner and operator

Our first pub crawl group photo 12/10/2019

How we work

We like to work in win win situations. 

Our customers get the best deals in Brisbane, the venues get a packed house and we see everyone who got tickets have a good time!

Get inspired.

Check out our list of the best games to play and activities at a pub.

Get dressed we're going out.

Check out our Amazon affiliate page that links you to the best suited outfits and costumes for all our upcoming or your future pub crawls.


Don’t be the reason the fun has to stop. 

We do not support binge drinking. Our pub crawls are for safe and fun nights out. 

Not an excuse to binge drink.