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Brisbane’s Nightlife Zones – The Ultimate Guide.

Brisbane's nightlife

Brisbane’s Nightlife Zones – The Ultimate Guide.

There’s no better way to experience the unique vibe of each of Brisbane’s nightlife districts than a Pub Statement pub crawl. We’ll use our expert knowledge of venues in each area to facilitate a crawl that matches your vibes at every point of the night. 

Eat, drink, chat and chill in safety and stress-free style, while enjoying all the awesome deals our partnerships provide. 

Whether you’re deciding where to book your next pub crawl, or brave enough to go it alone… feel free to use this epic guide to decide, which of Brisbane’s nightlife zones you want to explore next.


Brisbane’s Nightlife Zones



Fortitude Valley Pub Crawl 

With a nightlife experience that lives up to the mammoth reputation that proceeds it – Fortitude Valley is inarguably the most popular of Brisbane’s pub/club crawl zones. 

Just 2km from Brisbane’s CBD, the valley boasts a whopping 49 nightlife venues, all within a relatively walkable distance from one another. Perfect for what we like to call; a mega proximity crawl. 

Whether you want to start your night with a bang in a rowdy beer garden – and head home after a few night caps at a sophisticated roof top cocktail bar. Or boogie from a crowded club playing old school hits, to a club filled with disco balls and the heavy bass of jungle techno, ending the night with a famous 3AM valley kebab. 

The challenge of this crawl, is the journey through the valley and the time spent sifting through venues to find ones that fit your mood. The good news? We’re happy to do it for you. 


Brisbane City Pub Crawl

With 28 bars, clubs, beer gardens and pubs in Brisbane’s CBD – venues are clumped into three major crawl areas. Similar style venues in each crawl area make it easy to choose between the three, based on the general vibe or budget you’d like for your night. 


Area 1: Howard Smith Wharves 

Under the north side of Brisbane’s Story Bridge, Howard Smith Wharves is packed to the brim with picturesque riverside restaurants, cocktail bars, breweries and its very own live music hall. 

It’s the ultimate spot for a dressed up night of enjoying fine food and beverages, with stunning scenery and exuberantly high prices to match. Making it the perfect location for work events or big birthdays, AKA crawlers looking to keep it sophisticated and classy. 


Area 2: Eagle street pier 

Predecessor of Howard Smith Wharves and a little closer to the heart of the CBD, Eagle Street Pier has a ton of fancy riverside restaurants that double as bars. 

Being walking distance from most offices – this crawl area is a popular choice for Friday knock-off drinks for business people and other busy bees around the city, keen to shake the week off.

Book a pub crawl that’ll keep the good vibes rolling, right out of the office and into some of the finest pubs in Brisbane. 


Area 3: Inner city 

Apart from a few, newer more airy venues -the bars, hotels and pubs in Brisbane’s CBD deliver that more traditional night life vibe we’re all searching for. 

On just about every block, tucked away in back alleys, undergrounds and old buildings with tinted windows – venues feel dark, moody and a little dirty. 

Think old movie, speak-easy sort of vibes. The perfect place to let your hair down as you crawl from one venue to the next.


Milton & Paddington Pub Crawl 

Just 2km out of Brisbane’s CBD, the quaint boutique bars, breweries and established local pubs of the Milton/Paddington area are just dying to be crawled. Nestled among suburban residences the leafy main streets buzz with a friendly atmosphere, upheld by these passionate suburban communities.

Enjoy a relaxed afternoon schooner in a sun filled pub, stroll to the local music hall to watch a free band or two and finish the night off with a game of scrabble in a boutique bar. Dreamy Saturday arvo crawl – we think yes!


South Brisbane & Woolloongabba 

If you’re frequenting the south side of Brisbane – you’d be foolish to miss out on exploring the quaint and classy local nightlife scene in your own backyard! Just 3km respectively from Brisbane’s CBD, South Brisbane and Woolloongaba quietly harbour some of the most sophisticated little cocktail bars and pubs the city has to offer.

Experience a pub crawl with the perfect balance of quirk, funk, elegance and class. Eclectic and cosy retro settings, refined eats, cocktails, wines and whiskeys. The bars and pubs of these funky suburban areas, are guaranteed to peak your interest. 


West End 

Longtime hippie and hipster paradise, West End’s nightlife unsurprisingly attracts a diverse crowd of party goers. From young to old, hippie to square – the nonconservative and welcoming energy of this district makes for wild and colourful nights out on the town. 

Hop from large and loud hotels and breweries pumping with chatter and music to quaint and quirky boutique bars. Enjoy a crawl that almost guarantees some free live music and a good yarn to a wacky character or two. 



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