The Team

Our pub crawl team

Darcy, owner and operator

The short

I’m an extrovert who grew up on Southside Brisbane who decided to run great pub crawl events that benefit venues, customers and the organizers because pub crawls are so much fun and great way to socialize with your community.

The long

I’m proud a Iningai, Wakka Wakka and Bidjara Aboriginal man who grew up in Brisbane with family from Barcaldine, Central QLD. I love to party I’m a huge extrovert who loves meeting all sorts of people.

I love to travel solo it is the best way to make so many new friends along the way. After becoming a qualified butcher and managing for six months I travelled to South East Asia in 2019 and went to every pub crawl possible over there. It was such a great way to meet people and have a safe and fun night, not to mention the money I saved from their drink specials.

I came home to Brisbane and tried to join the one in Brisbane but was disappointed to find out there wasn’t any at home, at least regularly. So I asked around and found out I could put together some awesome crawls myself.

I knew how they ran and had success with some great events. Now I hope to continue this until we get to a position to have events weekly with 50+ customers each crawl.

David Dada

crawl captain

Some people have the energy that can match anyone. David is like that. If you’ve met Dada before then you know he’s instantly your mate.

Danielle Dore


Energetic and party inspiring, Danielle really knows how to get you into the mood to be silly in front of a camera! Selfie expert. 

Cameron Stock


This man knows how to make an epic video. Loves his sports, does videography for local sports teams, fan pages and more! 

Jack Stillwell

crawl captain

Jacks specialty is impeccable pun execution.  Great at keeping the crowd organized and in line. One of the nicest guys you could ever meet. 

Hugh Raftos

Crawl captain

If there’s anyone you can rely on to be responsible for the night. It’s Hugh. He will help pull your mate in line when it’s looking ugly and pull you into party mode if you’re getting down. 

Ben Dorrington-Plumb

Pub crawl organizer

Ben knows how to throw a party. He runs his own pub crawls and we regularly collaborate together and brainstorm ideas for our pub crawls. 

Want to join the team?

Contact us and we can be in touch with how you can become apart of our pub crawls.

How we work

We like to work in win win situations. Our customers get the best deals in Brisbane, the venues get a packed house and we see everyone who got tickets have a good time!