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Drinking games in Brisbane pub crawls uni social group pub crawls

Our list of games.

Did you know almost every one of your favourite pubs can provide games and activities for your group to enjoy?

Pub activities list

Here is a list of some pub crawl games Brisbane venues can offer:

Pool/snooker table

Pool is a great sport and a classic pub game play doubles, singles or playing Kelly pool with a group (Kelly pool is the game where players get a number at random, if their ball number is sunk in a pocket they’re out. Last person standing wins).


Karaoke is so much fun and we love to include them into our pub crawls. Great as a second or third venue as it can be a bit intimidating to start with but after a few schooners and bubbles you will be singing along to ABBA in no time.

Bucking bull

There’s one place in Brisbane that has a bucking bull that is so much fun, as long as you are safe and responsible. Johnny Ringo’s is an epic outback bar with fun country atmosphere.

Table tennis

Table tennis is a great game of hand eye coordination. Table tennis games can get very heated as you compete to win.

Giant Jenga

Giant Jenga is tough. You need patience and confidence. A lot like meeting new people out. It is a great ice breaker.

Putt putt golf

Putt putt is so much fun. Can you beat the course? Try and get the best score in your group. Whose the Tiger Woods of your squad?

Pub crawl games

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Scavenger hunt

This game is pretty simple. Break up into teams and find all the listed scavenger hunt items. Ideas of scavenger hunt items include; get a business card, spot a dog, get a menu with a gluten free item, get a random number etc.

Drinking games in brisbane pub crawls uni pub crawl

Pong shot

Cups are placed at 3 different levels of difficulty. • Easy shot = 1 point •medium shot = 2 points •hard shot = 3 points. Every player from the team must take a shot. Each time a player gets a shot the other team must sip the amount of points earned. First team to 10 points wins.

Beer pong drinking games on pub crawls

Beer pong

Unfortunately due to health and safety you can't drink from the cups you aim for. This is settled by having your drinks lined up next to the cups for each cup sunk.

Drinking games in brisbane pub crawls

Pong chandelier

Place 10 cups with a small amount of your drink in the middle of the table. Stand or sit around the table with two cups on either end. Begin by bouncing a pong ball on the table into the cup once completed pass it down clockwise. If you bouce the ball in before the next person the chaser can stack on the cup and the player with the stacked cup passes the stacked cup to the next person and drinks a cup from the middle when they finish they then use that cup to catch the next person. *If a player gets it on the first go they can jump to the person behind the next cup.

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Boat race relay

Break up into two teams with a cup to flip and any drink for each player but make them even. In a line teams races to flip the cup (plastic cup) off the edge of the table. Once they flip the cup the next person on the team begins flipping as you finish your drink. The first should be the slowest chugger and the last person should be the fastest. First team to finish the boat race wins. Losing team buys the winners a round.

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Buy a round of shots 1 or 2 for each player works best. Stand or sit in a circle around the table. Players put their heads down and eyes closed. After a count down of three look up at someone around the table, if you make eye contact with someone call out “Medusa” the first to call medusa gets to choose what to do with the shot.


Don’t be the reason the fun has to stop. 

We do not support binge drinking. Our pub crawls are for safe and fun nights out. 

Not an excuse to binge drink. 

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